A New Year Bringing New Fashion: The Golden Globes 2019

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A New Year Bringing New Fashion: The Golden Globes 2019

Lady Gaga on the red carpet at the Golden Globes

Lady Gaga on the red carpet at the Golden Globes

Courtesy of Getty Images

Lady Gaga on the red carpet at the Golden Globes

Courtesy of Getty Images

Courtesy of Getty Images

Lady Gaga on the red carpet at the Golden Globes

Evelyn Lowen, Ella Mcnamee, and Maren Stroup, Sentry Staff Reporters

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This year, hundreds of celebrities attended the 76th golden globes award show, each  with their own unique take on the fashion trends of 2018. These incredible red carpet looks will have an effect on the fashion trends coming up in 2019.  Each celebrity had their own and unique style shown through their outfits; some were beautiful, while others left people watching confused. We enjoy talking and looking into fashion, especially with celebrities. Here are our opinions of 6 celebrity outfits from the awards show.

Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga made quite the entrance in her long and fluffy looking dress. The fabric billows at the elbows and drapes down onto the ground. The strapless, baby blue dress dragged behind her as she walked on the red carpet.

Maren: I really like how creative she was and how she dyed her hair just to go with the outfit, but I thought the length of it was a little much. 7/10

Evelyn: I really liked this dress because the color is very pretty and simple, however the dress itself is different and unique. 8/10

Ella: I really like this dress, because it’s extremely unique, and has a nice color. I think it was very creative, even though some could think it is a little much. 8/10

Zoe Saldana:

Zoe Saldana made an interesting fashion choice for her dress for the golden globes that left critics with interesting reviews.

Maren: I like the color of the top of this dress, but I don’t like the ruffles or the dark pink with the bow.  2/10

Evelyn: I think that this dress looks like an outfit that I would put on my dolls when I was younger. The bow, the ruffles and the color resemble a very young and childish look. 3/10

Ella: I really like the colors in this dress, however the dress looks like it’s meant for a child. The rose gold bow makes it even worse. 2/10

Regina King:

Regina King’s dress is not one that you would miss, with its sparkly pink sequins, it definitely stands out.

Evelyn: I like this dress because of its shape and color, however I am not a fan of the neckline. The sparkly sequins make it unique and interesting and King looks amazing in this dress. 8/10

Maren: I really like this dress and the color of it is pretty. The rose gold sequins make it a little flashy, but King pulls it off. 8/10

Ella: This was my favorite dress this year. The color was super pretty, and the sequins added a nice touch. It was not too flashy, and was pretty simple. 10/10

Rosamund Pike:

Rosamund Pike arrived at the awards show in a silver shawl draped over her shoulders and a strappy black cut out dress.

Evelyn: I am not a huge fan of the dress itself because of the cutouts and the strap around the neck. However, I really like the silver jacket with the sequins because it adds a pop. 5/10

Maren: I do not like the cutouts of the dress and I don’t think that the jacket works with the outfit. I dislike how the fabric is sheer around Pike’s ankles. 2/10

Ella: I really don’t like this dress, the cutouts look bad and the silver shawl does not go with it. Overall, I think it just looks awkward. I don’t like the length of the dress either and the strap around the neck looks trashy. 2/10

Dakota Fanning:

Dakota Fanning wore one of the most simple dresses found at the awards show, however the shiny silver fabric adds a unique touch.

Evelyn: I really like the shape and neckline of this dress, however I am not a fan of the fabric because it falls in a strange way on her. However, I like her necklace because it matches well with the dress. 6/10

Maren: I really like how simple this dress is, and I think the shimmer looks good with her skin tone and makeup. This is my favorite outfit from the Golden Globes because of the shape and the tone of the dress. 9/10

Ella: I really like how simple and classy this dress is. It’s a really pretty color, and I like the neckline. I think that the fabric looks unique compared to the other dresses. 8.5/10

All of the outfits were unique and each celebrity expressed themselves through their dresses and outfits. There was a wide variety of styles and ideas shown through the looks. We think the Golden Globes had some new and interesting fashion, even though some fashion was not as pretty as others. We all had different opinions but these were our thoughts on the 2019 Golden Globes Awards.

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