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Students have recieved their Course Request Forms for the next school year.
Students have recieved their Course Request Forms for the next school year.
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Around this time every year, students begin to receive their Course Request Forms (CRFs). On these forms, students indicate which classes they want to take next year. Often times students will fixate on popular courses like Advanced Placement (AP) US History or Food and Fitness. While these classes are very interesting, there are many classes on the CRFs that are completely overlooked by students that they could really enjoy. These are just a few.

Sports Entertainment Marketing

In this class, students will learn about the different aspects of promoting sporting events, entertainment and recreational events. This course, offered to tenth grade students and up, also explores many careers and development skills. For students with an interest in working in sports, this class is highly recommended.

Literary Magazine

The Literary Magazine is one of the most interesting classes available at the school because of how it directly incorporates creativity into the curriculum. Students will create a magazine of creative arts while also writing their own pieces of literature. In addition, students who are not in Literary Magazine can still submit their own work to potentially be featured in the magazine. Many students are frustrated that there is not more creative writing in their English classes, but they should consider filling that need by applying to the Literary Magazine.

Intro to Law/ World Affairs

This class is split up into two semesters. The first, Intro to Law, teaches students about the incredibly complicated American legal system. Students will learn about everything from how courts are organized to constitutional law, and the class will even go through some mock trials. The second half of the year is devoted to World Affairs. This course explores America’s foreign policy and its role in global affairs. It also devotes a big portion of time to discussing current events. Someone interested in a career as a lawyer or a diplomat should definitely look into enrolling in this course.


According to the description on the school website, sociology is the study of human interaction and social behavior. As students are taught about this subject, they will be shown how it relates to our everyday life and conflicts throughout history.

Computer Graphics

In this course, students create art using computer programs. Specifically, the class focuses on commercial design, meaning students will be designing logos, product images and displays. This class could appeal to someone who is interested in marketing or design.

Career Center

Many students completely overlook the Career Center courses, often because they do not know anything about the opportunities that it holds. However, the Career Center has many courses for students that are interested in a certain field. They may not realize it now, but taking a Career Center course like the ones listed below gives students valuable experience that will set them apart from their competition when they are looking for a job.

The next four are all courses that are available at the Career Center.

Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine

This is the perfect course for students who are hoping for a career in the health care sector. The course has a lot of hands-on activities and offers two Red Cross certifications. Subjects like rehabilitation programs, cardiovascular analysis and body fat composition are just a few examples of what students will be taught in this course.

Cyber Security

With the growth of global networks, there has also been a growth in the need for cyber security specialists. This course will teach students about the legal aspects of cyber security, cyber security threats and how to protect networks against attacks. Students will also be taught how to build their own networks and how to prevent potential attacks.

Aerospace Engineering

In this course, students will learn about aerodynamics and engineering. They will learn about these concepts through hands-on experiments and other projects. As a prerequisite for this class, students will need to have taken Engineering I and Engineering II in order to be able to take this class. This class would apply to someone who would be interested in becoming an airline pilot or an aerodynamic engineer.

Culinary Arts and Sciences

For food enthusiasts or students who enjoyed Food and Fitness, this class would be perfect. Students will learn the basics about cooking and sanitation using the Career Center’s kitchen. This class is great preparation for students to have a lucrative career in the food services industry.

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