Submit to Lit Mag!


Evelyn Lowen, Sentry Staff Reporter

Do you like writing short stories and fiction? Need extra credit from your English teacher? Interested in writing poems or taking photos? Lit Mag is a fun and creative class. The first half of the year the students work on their own writing and creativity by doing workshops. The second half of the year is spent creating the Lit Mag, which is a collection of short stories, poems, paintings, fiction stories and photography entirely created and submitted by students.

Anyone at Yorktown can submit their art or writings into Lit Mag for a chance to be featured in the collection. It gets published in May, but short stories need to be submitted by January 18. Art, poems and photography can be submitted later in February. Many English teachers will give extra credit to their students for sending in an entry, so ask your teacher about it. Short stories and fiction writings can also be submitted in February, however it is preferred to have them earlier and extra credit may not be available after January 18.

In order to submit a piece of artwork or writing, a student must email the entry to and include their student ID number. The entry needs to be completely finished to receive extra credit and a chance to be in the collection.