A Night for the Seniors

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A Night for the Seniors

Field Hockey senior running through the tunnel

Field Hockey senior running through the tunnel

Courtesy of Donna Owens

Field Hockey senior running through the tunnel

Courtesy of Donna Owens

Courtesy of Donna Owens

Field Hockey senior running through the tunnel

Sofie Dalton, Reporter

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From the last first day of school to Prom, senior year is filled with many incredible experiences that leave lasting impressions. However, one particular memory stands out to seniors who play on a school sports team: senior night. This highly anticipated night features a ceremony prior to the game or meet where each graduating senior is honored in front of their teammates, family, friends and other spectators. It is an emotional and heartfelt time where seniors reflect on all the dedication and hard work that they have put into their team over the last four years.

The varsity volleyball team honored their seniors on October 18 when they took on South Lakes at home. It was a special way for volleyball senior Sarah Murphy to close out her five years as a part of the volleyball program.

My favorite part of senior night was being announced by our coach and getting to hug the underclassmen on the team,” Murphy said.

Senior volleyball player Annmarie Earley has also been a member of the volleyball team for five years, and she enjoyed getting to celebrate senior night with her teammates and all those who came to support the volleyball team.

“My favorite part about senior night was seeing all the friends and family who came out to watch us play. I also loved the decorations in the gym and getting to play with all of the other seniors,” Earley said.

Volleyball senior Anna Nachmanoff also enjoyed the support that the volleyball seniors received on their special night.

“My favorite part of senior night was the friends and family that came out to support us. It was super fun to play with all the other seniors and win,” Nachmanoff said.

Senior night was a special way to celebrate a hard-working group of volleyball seniors. Another dedicated group of seniors were honored when varsity field hockey team played Herndon at home on October 3. Their senior night was made possible by the hard work of the non-seniors on the team, who went above and beyond to ensure that it was an unforgettable night for their nine graduating seniors.

To prepare for senior night we had to get each senior a personalized gift. We got the coordinates necklaces, binders with letters from every player and camelback water-bottles that came in a cute bucket with their name and number,” junior field hockey player Chloe Westhoff said.

The senior night festivities extended far beyond the Greenbriar turf. In addition to receiving gifts, the field hockey seniors were celebrated at a team breakfast and their teammates ensured that the rest of the school knew about the big game.

“We also had to make each senior a sign for the field and for their house along with cute fliers to put up around the school. The night before senior night we decorate the rock, put up the fliers, then go to each senior’s house and decorate their cars and drop off posters. On senior day we have a breakfast and give the seniors their shirts, tiaras, and boas,” Westhoff said.

The senior field hockey players greatly appreciated all that their teammates did to make senior night special. The letters that the younger players wrote to their seniors were part of what made the night so memorable for field hockey senior SJ Owens.

My favorite part of senior night was coming home and reading all the letters that my amazing teammates wrote me,” Owens said.

Another special part of senior night was that the field hockey seniors got to share the experience with their family; this was a highlight of senior night for senior field hockey players Alison Levine and Grace Cochran.

“[The] most memorable part of senior night was walking down the aisle with my family and being given flowers,” Levine said.

My favorite part [of senior night] was walking onto the field with my family,” Cochran said.

Senior field hockey player Emma Hutchinson also enjoyed having her family by her side as she celebrated senior night.

“[The most memorable part was] walking down the field with my family and reading all of the letters that the younger girls wrote,” Hutchinson said.

In addition to making new memories on senior night, the seniors were able to look back at all the moments they have shared together over the years. This was a special part of senior night for field hockey senior Maggle Shipley.

“[My favorite part was] seeing the collages the underclassmen made filled with pictures from over the years and reminiscing with the other seniors about all of our great memories on Yorktown field hockey,” Shipley said.

All the effort and planning that went into making senior night incredible definitely paid off as it not only meant a lot to the seniors, it was gratifying for the underclassmen and juniors as well.

The most rewarding part of all this is just being able to give the girls who have put so much time and effort… into this sport a night that’s all about them. Even though it’s a sad event, realizing you’re about to say goodbye to some of your best friends, it’s a great way to end your season and commemorate all the time you spent with them,” Westhoff said.

Senior night is important for all sports teams, but especially for such tight knit communities like volleyball and field hockey. This year, both teams were able to celebrate their seniors’ accomplishments and create new unforgettable memories for them.

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