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Podcasts are starting to attract followers.
Podcasts are starting to attract followers.
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Podcasts are a platform where comedians, politicians, reporters and skeptics can all be appreciated. Podcasting is the journalistic field that many overlook in which topics vary in idiosyncratic views. The Sentry decided to start a new series; every issue will highlight three enticing episodes that everyone should listen to.


Here are this issue’s podcasts:


This American Life– “The Runaways”

This eye-opening episode highlights the dark truths of the police force from a town in Long Island and their relationship with the hispanic immigrant community. In a town full of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) affiliates, disappearances and murders of high schoolers has become the new normal. It seems as if anything can provoke the MS-13, from wearing other gang-affiliated clothes to simply associating with the wrong crowd. The police force had become accustomed to the usual scenario: two parents come in to report a missing child only to have the child return home several days later. This lead to a lack of trust between the police and the hispanic community. The problem became consequential when latino families were continually talked down upon and their allegations were not taken earnestly. The Garcia family ran into this dilema when their son Miguel Garcia disappeared after a night in with friends. He then was listed as a runaway. This listing allowed for a lack of effort from police due to the lower listing. Without access to a translator at their local police station and recurrent threats to loved ones, families had to fend for themselves in the search for their missing children. This episode of This American Life shows the unlawful bias of immigrants on Long Island and how race is the deciding factor in whether families will see their loved ones again.

To listen to the full podcast: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/657/the-runaways


Pretty Big Deal– “Kim Kardashian West”

Ashley Graham, the face of body positivity, has started a new podcast. Pretty Big Deal will showcase different celebrities as they talk beauty, the social media industry and business. Graham kicks off her new podcast with Kim Kardashian West. Two of hollywood’s biggest stars discuss the ups and downs in being in the public eye. They begin the podcast recounting the met gala, an annual themed fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. Graham and Kardashian West both expressed their love for fashion and how the theme of the met gala, heavenly bodies, reflected in their outfits. Kardashian West’s love for fashion and work is highlighted in her families 15th season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kardashian West recalls not knowing how big of phenomenon the reality tv show would truly be. Working with a family can be problematic for the social media star, especially since opening up has proven to be difficult for her relationships. Her husband, Kanye West, is Kardashian West’s fashion icon through his simplicity and sleekness, which can be seen in his new clothing company, Yeezy. Kardashian West loves his clothes so much that she hires fit models to help her perfect each outfit. Fit models, women who try on and model possible outfits, is her secret to time management. This episode of Pretty Big Deal shows a side of Kardashian West that most have not seen, that of a working mom with a love for fashion.

To listen to the full podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5Bc96ho8apPmGYqWgTPgo8?si=iDjHxm98TKKv95OrR8PakQ


How It Is– “Work, with Cecile Richards, Maysoon Zayid, and Willow Zietman”

This podcast highlights women’s unfiltered stories about disparate topics. In this episode three distinct women all reflect on work and how it defines them. Each woman recounts how their family shaped their work ethic and how complications would not hither their personal success. Comedian Maysoon Zayid thanks her mother who always pushed her past her limits. Without her moms allowance for personal integrity, Zayid believes that she would have never found happiness in Hollywood. Her Palestinian father made sure that Zayid would appreciate her culture and roots to Palestine. Instead of vacations to the beach over the summer, Zayid traveled to Palestine to further her bond to her ancestors. She continues this tradition to this day, highlighting the beauty of Palestine that are rarely shown around the world. Blacksmith Willow Zietman has had a bond with hot iron and hammers from a young age. She credits her love for blacksmithing to her hometown of Salem, Massachusetts. Her childhood consisted of tending to animals and anatomizing her town history. All of this changed when a blacksmith posted an ad in search of an apprentice in the paper. Blacksmithing became more than just a passion for young Zietman, it became a way to hide from possible scuritany for coming out as a transgender female. Zietman’s work slowly became a way to hide instead of flourish as her true self. Cecile Richards, former president of Planned Parenthood has devoted her life to making other people’s lives better. As an activist, Richards is a huge inspiration to many women around the world. Richards explains how her mom influenced her decision to dedicate her life to become who she is today. This episode of How It Is shows how work can positively and negatively define oneself.

To listen to the full podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/24m3yCtddHWXIjmgYYyxic?si=Z0ySWL7JRDa3aFZwsTWm6g


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