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New Editors in the Crowd

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New Editors in the Crowd

The Sentry Editors 2018

The Sentry Editors 2018

Eliza Howard

The Sentry Editors 2018

Eliza Howard

Eliza Howard

The Sentry Editors 2018

Sofia Dalton, Sentry Staff Reporter

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As summer break fast approaches, The Yorktown Sentry’s new editors for the 2018-19 school year are preparing for their new roles within the paper. Next year, The Sentry will have nine new, phenomenal editors whose responsibilities range from editing and posting, to ensuring that each article has a quality picture. All of these new editors are passionate about The Sentry and the community that it fosters. They all bring unique talents and skills that will make our paper the best that it can be.


Head Editors: Matthew Cornfield and Nick Warnement

Meet The Sentry’s new head editors. Matthew Cornfield and Nick Warnement have both been a part of The Sentry for the past two years and are looking forward to their new responsibility as the heads of the paper. They both like the community within the class and the people that they have met.

“The Sentry community is my favorite thing,” Cornfield said.

“Journalism is an interesting topic and I like the community that we have in the class,” Warnement said.

As head editors, they hope to continue the success of this past year and to help their classmates become stronger writers.

“I think we hope to replicate and improve from the previous year,” Cornfield said.

“I want to be able to help everybody improve their writing, as well as improve my relationships with those people,” Warnement said.

News Editor: Caroline Boda

The Sentry’s new news editor, Caroline Boda, is excited and ready for the task that lies ahead of her. Next year will be her third year on The Sentry, and she loves the close bonds and the community that exist within the class.

“I love how close our class is, and how everyone’s friends with each other and I’ve met some of my best friends in this class who I wouldn’t have met otherwise,” Boda said.

Boda wants to continue the great work of the previous news editor and the high caliber of articles.

“I want to continue Rosie’s legacy and to continue what she’s done as news editor, and I want to continue writing great issues for our school community,” Boda said.


Opinion Editor: Garrett Ferguson

New opinion editor Garrett Ferguson has a positive opinion about The Sentry. In his first year on staff, he has found a great community filled with wonderful people. His favorite things about The Sentry are the community and the relationships he’s formed with his classmates.

“I really love our sense of community, I feel like I’m friends with everyone in this class and like I’ve gotten so much closer to everyone throughout the year. It’s really nice to come into class and know that you can talk to anyone and joke around with anyone, and everyone really accepts each other,” Ferguson said,

As a reporter, Fergusson focussed on improving his own writing, and now as an editor he wants to help others grow as writers.

“I want to make everyone’s writing better… I focussed a lot this year on making my writing better and then during the peer editing, that’s when I really liked helping everyone else write better… I want each person to be better individually, but then I want everyone to make each other better,” Fergusson said.


Style Editor: Louisa Currie

The Sentry will continue to excel in the style section next year with style editor Louisa Currie. A second year writer, Currie loves The Sentry’s community and getting to walk into room 249 at the end of the day.

“I really the like community and how it’s a nice way to end a stressful school day, just to come into this class and have fun,” Currie said.

One of her goals as style editor is to continue adding to the creativity of the style section.

“I hope to bring more creative ideas and a really good editing staff,” Currie said.


Sports Editor: Ryan Van Kirk

Sports fans will be pleased to know that the sports section is in good hands with second year Sentry staff member Ryan Van Kirk. He loves the fun and relaxed environment that The Sentry fosters.

“[There’s] a laid back attitude… and it’s a fun class,” Van Kirk said.

Van Kirk wants to offer coverage of a wide range of Yorktown sports so that everyone feels included.

“[I want to] focus on all sports around Yorktown… so everybody feels like they can look forward to something,” Van Kirk said.


Copy Editor: Fiona Flaherty

Your articles will never have punctuation errors as long as they’re checked by new copy editor Fiona Flaherty. Even though this is only her first year on staff, Flaherty has quickly shown that she is capable of writing great articles and of the responsibility of being copy editor. Like many of her fellow editors, Flaherty loves the community that exists within The Sentry.

“The community is class is so unreal, there’s no other class in this school where you can walk in and be met with the same level of respect and openness and honesty, and have the freedom to write about basically anything whatever want on a really serious level,” Flaherty said.

As a copy editor, Flaherty hopes to not just better others’ writing but to also learn from her classmates to improve her own writing.

“I love reading people’s writing and using what others know to better my own writing… and [I hope] to help people find ways to write what they’re interested in and find different ways to express themselves with writing,” Flaherty said.


Online Editor: Bergen Romness

For the past two years, Sentry articles have featured pictures taken by Bergen Romness. Now she takes on a new role as online editor and is looking forward to it. She loves the closeness that exists in The Sentry between students in different grade levels.

“I love how everyone’s so close and all the grades collide and work together,” Romness said.

Romness aimes to post all the articles and pictures so that everyone’s work can be viewed the school community.

“I hope I will be able to post all the articles and pictures,” Romness said.


Business Manager: Charlie Schiavo

Second year staff member Charlie Schiavo is ready and looking forward to his new responsibility as The Sentry’s business manager. He has a passion for writing and likes that The Sentry has allowed him to to do this.

“I just really love writing and being able to choose what I write about,” Schiavo said.

Schiavo hopes The Sentry can publish more articles next year, while still maintaining the high standard of articles.

“I want it to be a little more efficient, I think we can spend less time on issues and still have the same quality of writing that we do, so we can put out more issues,” Schiavo said.


Photo Editor: Lindsey Bowers

While she’s great at capturing other people’s smiles, new photo editor Lindsey Bowers also is equally as good at making her classmates laugh and smile. This is her second year as a photographer, and she loves the friendships that she’s made and the family environment in The Sentry.

“My favorite thing is probably the friendships I’ve made in this class… and it’s such a family and everyone really gets along and it doesn’t really matter what grade you’re in, everyone just kind of gets along and are friends,” Bowers said.

Bowers has four goals for next year that will definitely contribute to The Sentry’s success and positive atmosphere.

“I hope to bring some great photos, some good attitudes, and just a great time overall and a great paper,” Bowers said.


The Sentry is definitely in good hands with this new group of hardworking editors. They all bring different skills and talents, and they will all contribute to The Sentry’s success next year. The new editors also have great personalities that add to the positive environment in the class. They will without a doubt work hard to make The Sentry better than ever.

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