Golf Team: A New Age of Success


Bergen Romness

Senior Michael Muth is currently in his third season with the school golf team.

Jack Cline, Sentry Staff Reporter

Over the past four seasons, the Yorktown golf team has evolved into a state and regional contender. With the help of a new freshmen and sophomore class, the team is held in high regard across Northern Virginia schools. With a bright future ahead, the squad has been expanding its boundaries to attract fans from the school community. With the pending trip to the Virginia High School League (VHSL) state golf regionals this year, the team has stirred all sorts of excitement for the future of the club.

Senior Michael Muth is currently in his third season with the school golf team. Beginning in his sophomore year, Muth has watched the team positively grow and expand during his tenure.

“We’ve definitely gotten better since my sophomore year. Better players are coming through the program, especially our sophomores have contributed to the team’s success,” Muth said.

The team has grown as a whole, forming a sort of brotherhood amongst the players. Lead by seniors Jack Ogden and Muth and sophomore Chris Rita, the team has been able to come together on and off the course.

“We can really communicate with the players well and can put up scores when we need to,” Muth said.

According to Muth, expectations are high for the team heading into this season. So far, the team is meeting and exceeding expectations.

“Going into the season we were expected to qualify for the regionals tournament this year because we haven’t been there in four years,” Muth said.

Even with all the excitement at the beginning of the season, other Northern Virginia schools are expected to give them a run for their money. These high schools include Langley and Chantilly, both of which are contenders at state regionals.

Muth was also able to give insight into some of the positives and negatives of playing high school golf.

“I think the most difficult aspect of golf is definitely the mental game, because you can get really frustrated out on the course. It takes a lot of practice and competition to overcome that pressure. On the other hand, it’s so much fun to be out on the course with my friends and win as a team,” Muth said.

In the future Muth hopes the team will be able to promote the team around the school and on the school broadcast, The Dailies. For right now, more information about the team can be found on the school website under the Fall Athletics tab.  He also highly encourages more people to come try out for the team and cheer on the squad during their matches.

“Golf can be such a relaxing sport and it’s really satisfying when you have a good round,” Muth said.

Confidence on the golf team is the highest it’s been in years. A talented sophomore class has brought finesse while the seniors continue to deliver leadership on and off the course. With a bright future ahead, the team is expected to thrive and blossom in the years to come.