A Lasting Legacy


Anna Finley

Varga contributed her services to the school for 20 years

Elizabeth Noe and Jack Cline, Sentry Staff Reporters

Librarians are a vital resource for those students who love reading or need help navigating the vast sea of books that the school library provides. Lisa Varga, a former librarian, contributed her services to the school for 20 years, and although she is retired, she still feels very connected to our community.

Varga’s relationship with the library began at a young age. With the encouragement of her public librarian, she worked as a library assistant.

“When I was very young, elementary school-aged, my public librarian asked if I wanted to work as a library assistant (I was a frequent patron).  That cinched the deal!  From that time on, I wanted to be a librarian,” Varga said.

She always loved reading when she was younger, and her appetite for literature grew as she continued working, surrounded by books. As part of her job, Varga practically had to read, which made it perfect for her. Working as a librarian, she found the most rewarding part of her job to be supplying meaningful books to students.

“It is so rewarding to connect someone with a good book that they enjoy,” Varga said.

She expanded her career from library assistant to working as a librarian at Kenmore for nine years and Washington and Lee for three years before she started working at Yorktown, her favorite place to work, for 20 years.

“My favorite aspect of the Yorktown community is how appreciative everyone is,” Varga said.

Though Varga enjoyed working as a librarian, she felt that a 32-year career as a librarian was long enough. She decided to retire, and she has been enjoying retirement to its fullest.

“I am enjoying having more free time to travel, workout at the gym, read, and just to be able to take advantage of opportunities as they come along,” Varga said.

Varga of course admires Principal Dr. Raymond Pasi, and sees him as a kind leader of a great school.

“I like that Dr. Pasi looks for the good in everyone.  He is very gracious and has a great sense of humor,” Varga said.

Seeing as Pasi is retiring at the end of this school year, Varga had an encouraging message for him.

“Retirement is wonderful!  Enjoy,” Varga said.

Looking back, if she had not been a librarian, she claims that she might have worked some other interesting job instead.

“I may have been a dietitian or perhaps an accountant if I did not become a librarian.  Thank goodness I did, as those careers seem a little dull now in comparison,” Varga said.

Varga’s most enthusiastic hobby, reading, still continues into her retirement. While she could not point out a favorite book, as it is usually whatever book she is most currently reading, she could point out some of her favorite authors.

“Some authors that I enjoy include Diana Gabaldon, John Green, and Alison Weir,” Varga said.

Throughout Varga’s time at Yorktown, she developed strong relationships with students and staff. Librarian Mark Stripe worked with Varga for her entire time at the school.

“What stood out about Ms. Varga was how she strove to help everyone and always had a smile,” Stripe said.

Varga was well recognized amongst other teachers and librarians for her commitment to improving all aspects of the library.

“Ms. Varga took pride in the book collection she built and maintained. The main change would be the technology and the digital world,” Stripe said.

One of the finest critical thinkers the school has had, Varga faced challenges throughout her twenty year career.

“Ms. Varga was also great at adapting to change, not just in the aforementioned, but our current library is the third library Yorktown High School has had in the last eight years,” Stripe said.

While being a librarian presents many challenges, staff members are united under a similar motivation.

“Satisfaction knowing that you have helped staff and students with their academic needs and that they trust and count on you for help,” Stripe said.

Librarians are an important though underappreciated part of a school system. They work hard to help students with almost anything. Thus, it is important that Varga is recognized for her contributions and service to the community. Whether connecting students to a good book or improving the day of a friend and peer, Varga has left a lasting impression on the school with her retirement.