House Basketball in Five Words

House basketball is a good way to meet new people

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House basketball is a good way to meet new people

Maggie Keane , Sentry Staff Reporter

Students here take basketball pretty seriously. The teams require talent and dedication, commitment and responsibility. House basketball, however, is an outlet for students of all skill sets to play on the court and have some fun. Below is a list of five words from various house basketball players to describe their teams.


“Explosive, dynamic, cold-blooded, well-rounded, confident” Quentin Powers, junior

“A team of ruthless sharpshooters” Adam Luncher, junior

“Swoosh coma over safeway select” Zack Allen, senior

“It is nerd bashing time” Steve Dierkes, senior

“Snapping necks and cashing checks” Nick Pasternack, junior

“Companionship, ferocity, buckets, fundamentals, sweat” Wills Boggess, junior  

“Fun times and great memories” Carson Wood, junior

“Dream team of Arlington County” Nick Carrig, junior

“We play for the youth” Owen Marino, junior

“Foul out every single game” Meghan O’Donnell, junior

“We proudly take our L’s” Alison Levine, sophomore

“More than just a game” Luke Helfgott, freshman

“D1 bound let’s get it” Tyler Ege, freshman

“Fun, geekin, work, lit, swoosh” Peggy O’neil, junior

“Dedication, persistence, love, hate, family” Olivia Olson, junior