Fantasy Football: A League of its Own


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Gigi Richardson , Sentry Staff Reporter

Football is undoubtedly one of the favorite sports in America. For many, the magic of the sport happens when they step out onto the field, suited up. Unfortunately, not all football lovers are awarded the chance to play in the coveted National Football League (NFL). This is where Fantasy Football sweeps in and saves the day. watching football has indeed become a sport in and of itself. Viewers at home join leagues with friends (their soon to be tight competition) and draft the team of a lifetime online with players from all over the NFL. The better the NFL players perform in real life, the more points the fantasy player obtains. To get a better understanding of the fantasy teams this season, we asked Fantasy Football participants to describe their teams in just five words. For many, it proved to be a difficult task to limit their players’ perfections to such few distinctions.


“I suck at fantasy football” -Maggie Shipley, sophomore

“My team is not reliable” -Will English, junior

“My team is really cool” -Matt Coulam junior

“My team’s better than Ethan’s” -Gavin Andersen, senior.

“My match-ups are really good” -Nick Puglisi, senior .

“The best of all time” -Joe Cedarholm, senior .

“First-class, icy, unbeatable, undeniable, greatness” -Paul Dalzell, junior.

“Stupendous team beats everyone else” -Quentin Powers, junior.

“My team is beyond fresh” -Hector Ortega, junior.