Swift Songs for Every Situation


Kate Cressey

There is a Taylor Swift song to fit every situation

Claire Kuwana, Sentry Staff Reporter

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular artists of our generation. Many argue that it is because of her voice, image and style. But maybe it is just because, somehow, everyone can find a song of hers they can relate to. Even teenagers who otherwise feel like no one understands them find comfort in Swift’s music. Whether it is one of her old country songs or her newer pop anthems, Swift seems to have a song to perfectly describe every situation. The following songs prove how well Swift’s music relates to every student’s experiences in high school.



First, an obvious one. This song perfectly sums up the beginning of high school: being a freshman and simply trying to stay “out of everybody’s way” while secretly “hoping one of those senior boys will wink at you,” even though you know that there is a greater chance you will go to Mars than have this dream come true.



    From the viewpoint of any upperclassmen, this song provides a perfect description of the freshmen. In the first year of high school, students barely even get a taste of the struggles they will most likely experience in high school. To all freshmen out there: say goodbye to free time, and hello to Advanced Placement (AP) classes.


“State of Grace”

 Speaking of AP’s, this song perfectly describes students’ feelings about the period of the year when AP exams are completed and there is no real work left to do in any of their AP classes. As Swift says, this time is truly “something good and right and real.”


“Back to December”

This song describes the wish everyone has during the dreadful chunk of time between winter and spring break: to go back to December and relive winter break, because as Swift says, “these days, I haven’t been sleeping.”


“Begin Again”

Although Swift may have written “Begin Again” with something a little different in mind, the song somehow perfectly matches the feeling everybody gets from knowing that a new quarter is starting once again. This new start means there is no chance that your grade for the past quarter will change anymore. Whether or not that new beginning is always a positive thing…well that is another story.


“You’re Not Sorry”

This song is every student’s thought after a teacher gives them a bad grade. No matter how many times a teacher attempts to comfort them, deep down they know that the support given does not mean they have any regret regarding destroying their grade point average.


“Blank Space”

This is another song that, as much as we would all like to deny it, the best of us can relate to. Whether on purpose or by accident, most students have somehow ended up with a blank assignment he or she just did not do. When you try to explain to your teacher why you turned in a blank assignment, be prepared to watch your grade go down in flames.



And if you chose to leave your assignment blank of your own volition, then there is no doubt that you can relate to this song, which perfectly describes those brave souls who consciously make the decision to not do the work assigned to them.


“The Lucky One”

During high school, for whatever reason, there is that one kid that everybody is envious of. The most obvious situation in which a student is truly the “lucky one” is when the teacher receives a phone call excusing them to leave class and go wherever they desire, whether it be to the dentist, doctor, vacation, or even just home. Or when the teacher is handing back a test that everyone knew they failed, and someone catches a glance of a paper that has a large “A” on it. The number of cold, envious glares that “lucky one” is bound to receive is limitless.


“Eyes Open”

Sadly, for most, they are not the lucky one who gets called out of class, and so they are forced to continue suffering through boring lectures that can at times be as long as an hour and a half. During these, Swift’s song “Eyes Open” is often the only thought running through student’s minds, reminding them that they must stay awake even in the darkest, most boring of times, when everyone, especially their teacher, is “waiting for [them] to break down” and “watching to see the fallout.”


“Picture to Burn”

Lastly, as the time for yearbooks distribution rolls around again, this song becomes one of the most relatable of them all. It is a rare occasion that anyone actually likes their school picture; it always seems as though most people would much rather their picture just be burned and never seen again.


These are just a few of Swift’s relatable songs. Each makes it seem as though Swift is writing her songs as if she was in the shoes of a high school student…I mean, the first lyrics of one of her songs are “there I was again… forcing laughter, faking smiles, same old tired lonely place.” I could not have described high school better myself. Nonetheless, after high school is over and we hear these songs again later in life, they will remind us of one of the best times of our lives.