Six Reasons to Smile During the Third Quarter


Anna Finley

With spring right around the corner, citizens of the D.C. metropolitan area will soon be able to see the cherry blossoms again

Claire Kuwana, Sentry Staff Reporter

Here we are, in the midst of the most despised time of the school year: third quarter. As the longest of the quarters, the third is often the time when students’ spirits are at an all time low. Despite this, there are many reasons why third quarter is not all that bad––in fact, it can be fun. Here are some reasons all students should be smiling during the third quarter.

  1. The school year is already more than halfway over

The first of these reasons, and also the most obvious, is that being in the third quarter of the school year means that students have already survived the first half of the year. Thus, there is less than half of the school year left for students to endure. If they have already made it through one half, how hard can it be to get through another?

  1. Spring Break will be here in no time flat

It could be said that some of the most anticipated parts of the school year are when students are not in school. One of these times is spring break, a third quarter blessing. During spring break, students can take a full week off to just relax and enjoy themselves without stressing about school. And that is undoubtedly a reason to smile, whether a student is staying in town or traveling across the globe.

  1. New sporting events are beginning

If the idea of spring break is not quite enough to get through the remainder of the third quarter, then here is something all sports fans can definitely look forward to. Not only do school spring sports start this quarter, but there are many sporting events that begin outside of school as well. For example, on March 15, the first round of March Madness, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) College Basketball Tournament, will begin to take place. Additionally, the Major League Baseball season starts in the last two weeks of the third quarter, officially beginning on April 4. So, whether these events are solely an excuse not to do homework, or are actually something that brings you joy, they are definitely something that makes the third quarter a little more enjoyable.

  1. Festival and concert season is starting

For those who are not so into sports –– do not worry. In addition to new sport seasons starting outside of school, another season is just about to commence. As the weather gets warmer, outdoor music concerts start to become a more common occurrence. In no time flat, pictures of your peers at festivals like Sweetlife and Firefly will be filling your instagram feed once again. But not all festivals are centered around music. Here in Washington, D.C. the beautiful National Cherry Blossom Festival takes place right during the third quarter, kicking off around March 20. Despite the irritating crowds these festivals may generate in D.C., the fun they bring is nonetheless enough to provide some motivation throughout this extensive quarter.

  1. More fun places will be open

Festivals are not the only events that come along with the warm weather. Many places that lock up for the winter are beginning to open again, including pools and amusement parks. Although many pools do not open until Memorial Day, the sheer excitement that arises from the thought of basking in the sun by the pool would bring a smile to anyone’s face. In the case of amusement parks, however, the opening day actually falls in the third quarter. For example, Kings Dominion opens on March 25, while Hersheypark opens on April 2. Whether or not the trip is for physics or for fun, going to an amusement park is certainly a reason to smile, even when going over 50 miles per hour at a height of 300 feet.

  1. Summer is just around the corner

As mentioned before, being in the midst of the third quarter indicates that over half of the year has already passed, meaning summer is only a few months away. After this quarter, there is only one left to get through until school is out for a whole two months. Compared to the four that lay ahead of students at the beginning of the year, one quarter is next to nothing. Summer is an amazing time for students to embrace opportunities they may not have time for during the school year such as traveling, working and spending time with family and friends. These opportunities, along with many other things that are brought to students during the summer, are bound to make anyone smile, even during something as dreaded as the third quarter.