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Football or Basketball?

Yorktown Basketball and the Yorktown Hype Squad
Photo by Anna Finley
Yorktown Basketball and the Yorktown Hype Squad

Yorktown is known for its school spirit. Our true blue colors bleed from our athletes to our fans. We come together not only as a school but a family to demolish our opponents. But what happens when two of our favorite sports are put against each other in the question of the century; Which is better: football or basketball? Let’s see the lineup.


It is a crisp fall friday night. Fans are decked out, huddled behind the end zone. Field lights are shining almost as bright as our futures. Finally, after a week of anticipation, the Columbia blue jerseys take the turf. The whistle sounds and the game is in full swing. The crowd is cheering, jumping, the players are sprinting and putting everything into the game. All of Yorktown is together with one goal in mind: destroy the other team.

Football players think the sport is the best because of their teammates and the intense game.

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“It’s different on the football field because you are out there fighting. It’s like a war out there, they are like your brothers, your soldiers,” said junior and varsity football player Gavin Andersen.

Most students who attend the games will not only rave about the team, but how fun it is to be there.

“The best part about watching football is being around all of my peers and watching them play the game. It’s fun because at the beginning of the school year, everyone is really excited for football season. There is a good energy and that makes it more fun to watch the game,” said senior Sissy Davis.

The game itself is a huge weekly event, but the build up all week is what really gets everyone excited.

“My favorite part about football is probably the atmosphere around the game all week. The build up to it, having everyone talk about it and actually playing in it when it comes time.” says Andersen.


A wall of bleachers are packed to the brim with spirited patriots. Fluorescent lights make the gym glow. Squeaks against the floor echo as the players prepare for a long four quarters ahead of them. A Hype Squad leader emerges from the stands making everyone in the student section go crazy with a cheer. Five of our best step onto the court, standing ready. The ball is thrown up and it is a free for all. Boos, shouts, but most importantly loads of support for Yorktown pour out of the student section hoping for a win.

When asked about what sets basketball apart from other sports, junior, varsity basketball player Connor Van Kirk said that it is the “combination of athleticism and skill it takes to play.”

Like football, the players truly love the closeness of their fellow teammates throughout the season.

“My favorite part about basketball is the team activities we do, the bonding we do outside of basketball. The companionship is nice,” said junior, varsity basketball player Drew Maddox.

As for the fans, watching their team so up close is the highlight.

“Seeing Connor Shears kill dunks,” said sophomore Tyler Stowell about why he comes to basketball games.

“I like the energetic atmosphere. I get to envelop myself in it, really just display how passionate I am about the sport and watch my friends tear it up and dominate the other team,” junior Steve Dierkes.

Final comparison:

To really put to the test on which sport is better, two athletes who play both basketball and football were asked the difficult question. Their reply? Football all the way.

“I think there is more school pride in football. Everyone is a lot more into it and it’s a lot more fun to play,” says Maddox.

“That is a tough one you know. I gotta say my football team. My basketball team, we are pretty close, with my teammates. But football,” said Andersen.

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