Cheer or Steer Clear


By Eli Locke

Sentry Staff Reporter

This year, seniors Gennie Gilson and David Giordano were awarded the ‘Most Spirited’ superlative for their raucous cheering and undeniable, unwavering school spirit. However, it turns out that the fall sports season simply serves as a warm-up for arguably the two most energetic students in the whole school. After fall sports finish and winter sports begin, Gilson and Giordano focus their efforts on the home games of the basketball teams.

“I always have to have something hot to soothe my throat because I lose my voice every game,” said Gilson.

“If you’re not going to cheer, get out [of the fan section], ” noted Giordano.

Gilson and Giordano are as excited as ever to be leading the fan section at the basketball games. It all starts with the preparation; setting out that perfect light blue outfit is a good place to start, according to Giordano. Gilson, on the other hand, enjoys researching which players have a reputation for being fiery and hot-tempered, such players are the perfect targets for taunts from the front row of the fan section.

In fact, Gilson’s favorite part of the whole fan section experience is screaming at opposing players.

“People like being so close during basketball; you can get into the players’ faces,” she said.

Similarly, Giordano claimed,

“I love getting reactions from players on the other team. It’s fun to yell at the players on the other team- I mean, you can come and listen to me do it.”

Although the two were in agreement that yelling at opposing players during basketball games is effective and enjoyable, they disagreed when it came to the topic of whether the new gym or old gym reflected the school spirit in the fan section better.

Gilson cited that because the capacity of the new gym is lower than the old gym, many fans do not show up in fear of not being able to purchase a ticket in case the game has sold out.

“I think the new gym has definitely hindered our ability to get as rowdy… I think the gym last year was better,” Gilson stated.

Giordano, however, was quick to defend the compactness of the new gym- not just from the court to the fans, but also from one fan to another.

“Everybody’s so much closer to each other, everybody’s more crammed in,” Giordano responded. He said this was a main contribution to the overall fan noise.

“[There is] a lot more energy,” stated Giordano.

Besides playing mind games with opponents, both Gilson and Giordano equally enjoy getting pumped with fellow fans. When asked to describe the fan section in one word, they agreed without hesitation: “rowdy.” While Gilson shares her excitement with her friends in the hallway during school before games,  Giordano took a different stance.

He simply stated, “I do not go to the games to socialize at all.”

Lastly, Gilson and Giordano commended not only the emphatic chanting during home games, but also the indisputable impact the white and Carolina blue-clad fans have during away games; especially the game at rival Washington-Lee High School. Gilson definitely felt like the Washington-Lee games brings about an extra sense of excitement, especially during an overtime affair like the first home game against them this year.

From pre-game paint buying to post-game parties at the local McDonalds, there is nothing Gilson and Giordano, along with many other spirited fans, do not enjoy about home basketball games. According to the two most spirited seniors, nothing should stop you from coming to the games and cheering your heart out. Certainly, nothing is stopping them.