Anna Cregan as Lucy Carrigan

Joanna Domson, Sentry Staff Reporter

Anna Cregan focused her One Person Show on Lucy Carrigan from the movie Across the Universe.

The purpose or theme of a show is very important to students as they begin to form their performances.  The way the performance makes the audience feel is arguably more important than the acting itself.  Students work hard to have a theme that means a lot to them and that can be conveyed through the character they choose to focus on.

“I really liked the journey Lucy goes on…that sixties hippy vibe: that violence will never lead to peace, and how war will never ever lead you to what you really want, and how putting love into the world is what gets you to happiness.  I really like that statement she has,” said Cregan.

Cadby focuses a part of her Theater II curriculum on self-discovery, which is a unit that her students really enjoy.  Self-discovery continues through the One Person Show process as students work diligently to create a product that really is a reflection of their whole selves, because they have put all of their efforts into creating their performance.

“Something a lot of people say about theater is that you get out of it what you put into it, so if I put all my energy into the show and into the class then I will get a good learning experience out of it.  You also learn a lot about not caring what people think, and just stop worrying about people judging you and finding your own happiness.  It is a really good place to get comfortable with who you are,” said Cregan.