Eileen Connon as Carmilla Karnstein

Joanna Domson, Sentry Staff Reporter

Eileen Connon focused her One Person Show on the vampire Carmilla Karnstein from the web series “Carmilla.”

Students frequently choose characters who they connect with, either in personality or situation.  These connections create a more realistic feeling show, both for the audience and the actors themselves.

“I think a lot of Carmilla’s struggles come from fear of getting attached, which I definitely connect with. I’m part of a military family, so I’ve moved a lot and it’s hard to get attached to people when you know you have to say goodbye,” said Connon.

Doubts are certainly a part of the creative process.  There are so many steps and things to do that it is hard not to doubt the decisions that are made.  Nevertheless, outside eyes and friends are always around to be a reassurance.

“I doubted so much. I actually wrote my first script on a different character, Kevin Tran from Supernatural. I had also considered people like Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series and model Janice Dickinson,” said Connon.

The One Person Show process aims to teach students about the production process, but it frequently also teaches them about themselves.

“I’ve learned that I deal with stress in very specific ways, and it’s very important for me to step back from whatever it is that is stressing me out and evaluate my situation objectively. I’ve also learned to be proud of what I can do, even if it might feel like less than others,” said Connon.