My Opinion on the YORKTOWN SENTRY

Dan Huycke, Sentry Staff Reporter

Oh, the muses explored at the Sentry! Oh, the glorious and wondrous period of free love and the communal efforts undergone to conceive one the greatest newspapers this species has ever had the privilege and fortune to read! Yorktown Sentry is not only a class, my fellow youngsters, but an experience full of ponderous moments, jovial laughter and bonding, and the magic of hard work fused with your very own creativity. No other course can offer such riches to the enthusiastic, yet furtive mind! At the Sentry, you are your own master and involving yourself in its splendor will surely convince you that the pen is mightier than the sword, nay?

unfortunately, some will say “nay”. Some will say “What good is such course? What good can one writer/photographer/editor do for you/the community?” “Bah!” I say. Bah! Unlike any class any of you fellow patriots have taken before in you entire lives, Journalism with Ms. Christine Wiedemann opens up the world of possibilities in a general curriculum where one is hounded and micromanaged. Not in Journalism, no! I say “Let forth the floodwaters of your creative, exuberant and thirsty minds onto the parched plains that make up the landscape of high school life! Breathe life into your day (except Wednesday) and touch the hearts of hundreds with your words immortalized onto the starchy paper that is THE YORKTOWN SENTRY!”

Now down to the details, the specifics, the meat and potatoes if you will. Journalism takes place during eighth period (what a way to close out the monotonous and monotone school day!) Imagine: you amble into the comfortably toasty room ### with the lights dimmed to allow for more relaxed yet focused writing, weary and worn from the previous seven classes. You take a seat (any seat!) and wait for the day’s order to commence. The bell rings and the editors stand to announce the weekly schedule, your assignments are given shortly thereafter and BHAM! You have the con! You are a young lad or lass on the precipice of factual glory and the power to do so has been neatly and civilly handed over to you. Do as you will! Stun your compatriots! Blow their socks off with the power of consciousness for time waits for no man!!!