James Carroll

James Carroll

James. Carroll. Two words, one man. The legend behind the man is what I set out so fretfully to finally understand and discern. A senior, an MVP, an enigma. James Carroll is constantly rewriting the guidelines and redrawing the boundaries of the human condition, specifically concerning that yearning we all feel to ascend to great heights if only to tumble and plummet the length of our progress to rock bottom. But as of this most eye-opening interview, James Carroll is. Sstill rolling.

Q: James, how was the tournament?

A: It was a good tournament. We played really well. We beat some good teams.

Q: You work out right?

A: Yes, we practice everyday for about two hours.  Tthen on weekends we practice two hours, and I try to shoot by myself an hour a day.

Q: How do you like basketball?

A: Basketball has been in my life since third grade and ever since then it has been the most enjoyable part of my life. I usually play with my friends. It’s a social thing.

Q: What is your favorite part of basketball?

A: My favorite part is probably winning, beating people.

Q: Well why not Hockey? Hockey is tight.

A: Hockey is tight. Basketball is more challenging than hockey and I enjoy the challenge.

Q: Would you say you want to keep challenging yourself after high school, on towards higher education?

A: Yes I am possibly looking at playing at the next level. Division three possibly. Possibly Occidental, Dickinson, Franklin and Marshall. I did get into [University of Colorado] Boulder and I will try to walk on there.

Q: After winning, how does it feel?

A: After the adrenaline rush, it is very satisfying. I always think of the hard work I put in with my teammates and I know my teammates and I put in all this hard work and we’ve finally been satisfied, like we deserve it.

Q: What’s your opinion on the current crisis in Syria?

A: No comment.

Q: Let me ask you this then: how do you plan on applying your basketball knowledge and skills to helping others in need?

A: You know hard work pays off so if you really want to get somewhere, you know, you can get there!

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