Best Ski Resorts


Photo Courtesy of Paul Domson

John Trainum, Sentry Staff Reporter

With winter quickly approaching, and winter weather practically already here, skiing and snowboarding will soon be in season yet again. Whether you are actually on the mountain, or just day dreaming in class about the weekend, in a few weeks snowsports will be dominating many of our lives.  When it comes to this year’s best new gear, riders searching for a new board should look for GNU’s ‘Rider’s Choice’ or DC’s ‘Media Blitz’, both for around $550. For skiers Volkl’s ‘Wall’ or Head’s ‘The Caddy’, are sold for $550 and $400 respectively. Sun and Ski, located near Home Depot in Seven Corners is the best ski/snowboard shop around, and they offer all kinds of deals on gear.

The best local resorts are going to be Seven Springs Mountain in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania (about three hours away), Whitetail Mountain in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania (about an hour and a half away) and Snowshoe Mountain in Snowshoe, West Virginia (about four and a half hours away). For weekend day trips, most will be sticking to Whitetail as it’s by far the closest resort to Arlington. Whitetail was able to open in late November, but unfortunately had to close back down due to poor weather. Luckily though, they should be up and running for a long time. Snowshoe and Seven Springs are certainly better mountains, but the improved, and more consistent, conditions come with the cost of a lot of driving. Those who prefer lapping the park over normal riding are probably going to enjoy Seven Springs the most, as they have the highest rated parks on the East Coast. Snowshoe on the other hand has a bigger mountain with better snow a lot of the time, and so if you’re willing to make the haul it can be a top long-weekend destination. There is also a yearly trip to Mont-Tremblant in Quebec, Canada that is organized by a local organization, Ski Travel. Many students have gone in past years and enjoyed the trip a lot, but space fills up quickly, so register ASAP. While it is more convenient to go skiing on holiday weekends like MLK and Presidents Day, these are by far the most crowded dates of the year. However since there are plenty of options for local mountains, single day trips are easily done. Winter break is prime time though, as the crowds are much more dispersed and there is lots of free time. Unfortunately though, not everyone is able to get on the mountain every weekend. Instead of passing these sad days by dreaming about riding, check out the best ski and snowboard films from recent seasons. Top picks are “Shredbots: The Movie” (snowboarding), “Days of My Youth” (skiing), “Never Not” (snowboarding), and “The Art of Flight” (snowboarding).  All of these movies can be found around the internet on Netflix, YouTube, or Vimeo, and are HIGHLY recommended for the snow enthusiast. But even if you aren’t a snowsports person, snow is coming, and that’s reason enough to be excited for the rest of us.