Kevin Finn-Sean Muth

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Kevin Finn-Sean Muth

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By Sean Muth

Sentry Staff Reporter

It is hard to guess what thoughts go through the mind of senior Kevin Finn, the most interesting man in Arlington. Calm, cool and collected are only a few words to describe this man, who women want and men want to be. Finn’s summer was no doubt filled with action, adventure and romance. Finn traveled the world this summer going to one particularly exotic place.

“I went to Canada,” said Finn. “The Canadian Rockies. We did some hiking and swimming. The usual.”

Finn chopped down a tree and drank Canadian syrup with every meal as well. While he was home for the summer, he was able to catch up on his sleep, saying that he got a lot of rest.

This year, Finn is entering his senior year of high school. The chapter of his high school life is about to end, and he will soon be attending college. Finn’s free time during summer was no doubt spent waiting and wishing for school to start back up so that he could see his friends again, and resume his education.

“I’m looking forward to leaving,” said Finn. “I’m not happy school is back in session. Finishing school is definitely what I am looking forward to.”

Obviously higher learning no longer has anything to offer Finn, who has probably learned everything there is to know by now, which would make him a dangerous competitor to be facing in a game of Jeopardy.

Finn’s public image is something he takes great pride in. The secrets to his great looks are kept under heavy wraps, but he was kind enough to share one tip to how he does it.

“Dress extremely casual,” said Finn.

Sage advice from a real man’s man.


By Kevin Finn 

Sentry Staff Editor

Sean William ‘Swaggy P’ Muth stands an gargantuan 6’ 7’’. Many would think that Muth is just a big scary shrek like being, but he is actually more of the gentle giant type. When he was just 10 years old Muth had a 45 inch vertical, and he has been moving up fast ever since.

Muth enjoys his tall stature but has become frustrated with his shorter adversaries. Being tall can be,

“kind of lame, You’re walking down the aisle at Safeway and everyones just asking you ‘can you get those toilet paper rolls up there?’ and I’m like ‘I already got some for me’ People need to bring more stepping stools with them,” said Muth.

Few canbe like Muth and stand shoulder to shoulder with Lebron James, but height is not without its limitation. Muth is familiar with many of them. He is unable to fit inside a smart car which severely limits any hope of European travel. He has also hit his head on door frames multiple times.

Muth has put lots of thought into his future ambitions.

“I want to marry a short girl,” Muth said. “I want all my kids to be short. No one can be taller than me.”

Muth enjoys fantasy football and is a die hard New York Giants fan. He also enjoys playing basketball. No surprise there. He enjoys sleeping and napping but has to sleep diagonally in most beds to avoid having his feet dangle over the edge.



Photo by Libby Boda

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