Lauren Snyder-Emily Burke

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Lauren Snyder-Emily Burke

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By Lauren Snyder

Sentry Staff Reporter

If you want to make a new friend this year, walk into The Yorktown Sentry class during eighth period and meet junior Emily Burke. She would be sitting a few rows down from the door and laughing with friends. Don’t let this deter you though, she would be open to talk and get to know you. After all, journalism is her favorite class, and getting to know people is an important part of it.

Questions about her family would come up first, and Burke would tell you that she has a sister. A little more prodding and she would tell you that she always thought that having a twin in addition to her sister would be cool. Burke would also talk about her parents and how her father grew up in Alicante, Spain because his father was a military doctor. Also, if Burke had to flee the country, she would go to Alicante to lay low for a little while.

When the conversation moves to her her favorite songs and shows, the singer Pitbull would come up.

“I think that he is honestly hilarious.” said Burke with a laugh, “And doesn’t really care what people think of him. So even though he is kind of ridiculous, it’s a good message to not really care about what people think.”

When it comes to TV shows, Burke would tell you that she is watching the newer version of 90210 at the moment. Why is she watching this particular show? Burke enjoys TV shows like 90210 because of their ability to let people escape from things like homework and their main purpose is to entertain.

“It’s (90210) super dramatic and it’s like Gossip Girl but in California.” said Burke.

Finally, when it finally comes to the classic getting-to-know-you question, Burke would think for a little bit, consider her options and say that her favorite ice cream flavor was peppermint stick.


By Emily Burke

Sentry Staff Reporter

Sophomore Lauren Snyder’s favorite Disney Channel show is “That’s So Raven”, but her ideal superpower would not be the ability to predict the future.

“I would have the power to deliver justice because life’s unfair. It would be nice to right some wrongs,” said Snyder.

Snyder’s dream career provides a more realistic way for her to help others; she wants to become a Navy medical officer.

“On top of being able to save lives, the military would give me a chance to go to different places,” said Snyder.

Although Snyder hopes to travel in the future, she already has a head start. After Snyder’s father got a job in Istanbul, Turkey, her family moved there for four years. It is lucky that she did, because her experience there led her to apply to The Yorktown Sentry. Snyder learned a lot from participating in her old school’s version of “The Dailies”.

According to Snyder, her interest in learning new things would place her in Ravenclaw house from the Harry Potter series.

“I’m a studious person, but I don’t know how I would do with the riddle thing,” said Snyder.

Even if she herself would not be able to solve complex riddles just to get into her dormitory at Ravenclaw House, she enjoys watching others solve mysteries. Snyder’s favorite show, Grimm, follows Eric Burkhardt, a detective who discovers a shocking secret.

“It’s a modern adaptation of the Grimm fairy tales. He finds out he is a descendant of the brothers Grimm, whose job was to hunt down creatures from the fairy tales,” said Snyder.

Not surprisingly, Snyder enjoys reading fantasy and mystery and her favorite books include The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The Ravenclaw motto goes, “Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you’ve a ready mind, where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind.” Room 249 may not have towers, ghosts or trapdoors, but hopefully Snyder will still find those of wit and learning here at The Sentry.



Photo by Libby Boda

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