Andy Belilos-Natalie Zur

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Andy Belilos-Natalie Zur

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By Natalie Zur

Sentry Staff Reporter

“Tall.  Funny.  Easy to talk to.  Nice person.  Fashionable hair.” Said Andy Belilos, characterizing himself.

A a self-proclaimed sports aficionado, Andy Belilos is also an achiever and a believer.  He manages a challenging course load while being a member of Spanish Honors, Best Buddies, and the varsity baseball team.

Belilos is unsure of what the future holds.  Nonetheless, he knows he has given up on his dreams of being the next Obama and has instead decided to make individuals’ lives better on a small scale.

Despite being a through-and-through carnivore, Belilos was quick to respond when asked what type of leafy green he would be, if he had to choose.

“Kale because not a lot of people know me, but the ones who do either love me or hate me,” Belilos said.

Andy was able to offer helpful tips on how to avoid teachers in public places.  He noted the importance of being stealthy and also recommended wearing camo on a daily basis, just in case.  Yet, in reality, Belilos may not be as good as his tips seem to be.

“I end up trying my best not to make eye contact [when I see a teacher outside of school].  It is pretty awkward.” Said Belilos.

His perfect day wins the award for the “Most Basic Guy Dream Day Ever”.

“It would be a day when I can sleep late.  Then I would wake up and have a really good lunch, specifically a chicken salad sandwich on an everything bagel from Chesapeake.  I would go to a Giants-Patriots game and watch the Giants beat the Patriots.  After, I would come home.  Chill.  Watch Netflix.” Said Belilos.

Readers may or may not be surprised to know that Belilos identifies most with an ostrich, for he claims they are alike based on size and level of intimidation.  Through journalism, Belilos has been able to create lasting bonds and is blessed to be in the ‘journalism squad.’  Still, when choosing between equally dear squad members, Andy is decisive.

“I would rather be Alexander Brandolino than Jackson Cummings. It’s the hair,” concluded Belilos.


By Andy Belilos 

Sentry Staff Reporter

There was no hesitation in junior Natalie Zur’s eyes when asked what one food she would bring to a desert island.

“A Chipotle Burrito Bowl with chicken, mild salsa, sour cream, cheese and lettuce,” Zur said. “I always have to get the guacamole.”

According to Zur, Chipotle is only closely rivaled by Krispy Kreme; if she could spend one night in any store, it would be the home of the original glazed donut. Although Zur vehemently denies any belief in Bigfoot, she does consider herself more of a hunter than a gatherer. Even so, if she could any prehistoric animal she wanted, she would definitely be Sid the sloth from Ice Age, because she “really identifies with him”.

In addition, if Zur could be any plant she would be, “a really cool vine hanging on a really cool tree,”

When asked whether she preferred the old Miley Cyrus or the new Miley Cyrus, Zur remarked at how she liked it when old Cyrus wore glitter.

“She used to have the best fashion sense, and now I don’t know what happened to her,” Zur said. “She just went downhill with her hair, and then she dyed her eyebrows, and thats just where I lost faith,”

Her love for the old Cyrus does not stop with her fashion sense. Zur declared that she loves Cyrus’ oldest album (when she was also Hannah Montana), and that her guilty pleasure song is See You Again.

Even though Zur was not allowed to watch television as a child and was thoroughly deprived of The Simpsons, she has seen The Simpsons Movie and said that Spider-Pig was her favorite character. She has even memorized the somewhat infamous Spider-Pig Song word for word.

Can she swing from a web? No, she can’t, she’s a human.



Photo by Libby Boda


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