Emily Calvert-Amy Andrukonis

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Emily Calvert-Amy Andrukonis

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By Emily Calvert

Sentry Staff Reporter

From taking challenging classes to running cross-country, high school has been an amazing experience for senior Amy Andrukonis, but she couldn’t have done it without the Starbucks barista, Jacob, who made her coffee every morning. Andrukonis is now on the college hunt, interested in pursuing family or marriage counseling. Being a senior, Andrukonis has lots of advice to offer to freshman, including getting involved in school by joining clubs and teams and taking challenging classes.

Like any other girl, when asked who she would want to be for a day, Andrukonis chose Meredith Grey, from the medical drama television series Grey’s Anatomy; because who wouldn’t want to be a famous surgeon married to Dr. McDreamy?

When asked how she would describe herself in one word, Andrukonis chose the word list.

“I am a pretty relentless lister and I am really organized in that way,” said Andrukonis.

Andrukonis has fallen in love with The Sentry and says that being on the staff has been her favorite experience at Yorktown. Andrukonis loved writing opinion stories ever since her first year on The Sentry staff, so this year she decided to be the opinion editor. English being her favorite subject in school, Andrukonis is also very passionate about reading; some of her favorite books include Jane Eyre and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Andrukonis is full of talents, however she not the only talented person in her family, her dog Romeo, was Arlington dog of the week on Arlington Now. Andrukonis is a fun, organized, and creative person who has made a positive impact on the Yorktown community.


By Amy Andrukonis

Sentry Staff Editor

Emily Calvert is a sunny, smiley sophomore. She’s your classic Tiffany-blue-loving girly-girl, an excited first-year Sentry staffer, and a believer in the importance of making people laugh—she just asks that you put the milk back in the fridge when you’re done with it.

Beyond the friendly exterior, Calvert is a focused student driven by dreams to change the lives of individuals struggling in third world countries. She hopes that her academic endeavors will arm her with all the knowledge necessary to be most helpful there. For now, her favorite school subject is English, but she enjoys reading at home as well. Recently, she’s been inspired by her favorite book, Love Does, by Bob Goff. The beginning of the school year can be daunting for some of us, but Calvert remains cool under pressure.

“My favorite time of the year is fall,” she said.

Calvert seems to have it all together. It’s hard to believe such a focused, impressive kid would get anytime off. Yet, in between purchasing her homecoming dress and attending Best Buddies meetings, Calvert values the time she finds to take it easy.

“My favorite time of day is the afternoon, because I’m relaxing and doing things I enjoy. My favorite time of week is Saturday during the day, because I get to do whatever I want, really,” Calvert said.

Calvert’s definition of relaxing includes hanging out with friends, and, okay fine, maybe binge-watching a little One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy every once in a while.

Calvert is looking forward to all this year’s classes and clubs have to offer, and, of course, to carrying on the Calvert family Sentry legacy.



Photo by Libby Boda


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