Beth Gentsch-Joanna Domson


By Beth Gentsch

Sentry Staff Reporter

A student athlete and Sentry reporter, senior Joanna Domson has had lots of experience walking behind students in the hallway at speeds one would commonly associate with a snail. When asked about her number one pet peeve, this is the first thing that comes to Domson’s mind.

“Occasionally I actually speak up and yell at them,” Domson says sheepishly.

Perhaps it is not a surprise, then,  that her qualities of bravery and passion would incline her towards Gryffindor, a house known for producing daring and adventurous pupils, if put under the sorting hat from Hogwarts in Harry Potter.

“I have actually been sorted by the sorting hat before, and it put me in Gryffindor,” says Domson, “and it was the highlight of my life.”

Speaking of characteristics of strength and bravery, Joanna’s preferred song to listen to when working out is “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson because it helps her ignore the pain and give her the strength she needs to finish. In her spare time, when Joanna is not playing golf or softball, you may find her combing a friend’s hair into a perfect french braid, as that is one of her rare talents.

“People know me as the girl who can braid hair,” says Domson while laughing.

When asked where she would go if she could travel anywhere in the world for a day, Domson says that her number one goal in life is to visit Rome due to its alluring appeal and history. But in the mean time, Domson is happy to spend her days in journalism, where instead of writing endless essays and pieces for teachers, she is able to write about real topics that appeal to a student audience; a task she truly enjoys.


By Joanna Domson

Sentry Staff Reporter

The Yorktown Sentry staff is sometimes a daunting group, but junior and first year reporter Beth Gentsch is prepared to start this year on the right foot.  She may not know what she wants to do when she leaves high school, but she is ready to be a Sentry reporter now.

Do not be fooled by Beth’s cool demeanor; she is just an ordinary high school girl with a little bit more composure.  Her day begins by waking up at a reasonable hour with just enough time to shower and arrange her hair in effortless waves.  Her school pump up playlist is a perfect mix of country and top 40 music.

“You know that singing in the shower song they play on the radio,” said Gentsch, referring to “Shower” by Becky G, her favorite song.

Beth does not have her license yet, but if she did she would drive her dream car to school everyday.  People would pull out of parking spots just so she could park her car.  You might think a teenage girl would want a Mini Cooper or a Volkswagen Bug, but Beth does not swim in the mainstream.

“A Jeep Wrangler, but with all the doors off,” said Gentsch, when asked about her dream car.

She gets to school at that perfect time where you are not early but not late.  She struts the halls with her iPhone, armed with her essential app, the camera, ready to document the next homecoming proposal.  It is suddenly lunchtime.  Let’s say she goes off campus to lunch, which we know she actually does not do because it is against school rules.  It is a tough decision. Where to go for lunch?

“Panera or District Taco,” said Gentsch.

It’s finally time for Beth’s second favorite class (it is quite obvious that journalism tops the list).  She walks to the second floor and down the long hallway in the front of the building.  Beth enters the classroom.  Deborah Waldron greets her at the door.  The bell rings, signaling the start of Physics class.

School is finally over; 3:01 has come and gone.  Now it is time for one of the three sports Beth excels at.

“I play field hockey, swimming and lacrosse,” said Gentsch.

After practice Beth returns home and begins her homework.  Although it was a pretty good day, she cannot help but feel like she belongs somewhere else.  As she winds down and flips through TV channels she realizes her true calling in life.  Beth belongs in her favorite TV show, Zoey 101.  Pacific Coast Academy is Beth’s true home.

The Sentry family is so happy to have Beth on the 2014-2015 staff.  She will be a great reporter and her unique perspective will be cherished on staff.



Photo by Libby Boda