Dylan Bailey-John Trainum

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Dylan Bailey-John Trainum

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By Dylan Bailey

Sentry Staff Editor

If junior John Trainum was faced with one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses, he would choose the latter ten out of ten times. Trainum feels as though it would be much easier to drop kick a bunch of little horses than one ferocious gigantic duck. Trainum’s quick wits show not only in this imaginary scenario, but also in his writing.  He joined journalism because of his passion for writing.

“I like writing, obviously, and I can see myself doing journalism in the future as a career,” Trainum said. Not only is Trainum involved in the literary world with his writing, but he also enjoys watching movies. His favorite movie is Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring because he likes how Peter Jackson portrays the Shire. Trainum also highly recommends the Netflix series House of Cards with Kevin Spacey, even if you are not into politics.

If Trainum could go anywhere in the world, he would choose New Zealand.

“I’ve never been there and that’s where some of my family is from. More specifically, I would like to go to where my uncle grew up in Gisbon and surf where he started to surf,” Trainum added.

Trainum is obviously a man with some good taste. His celebrity crush his Scarlett Johansson because of her good looks and great acting performance in The Avengers. Trainum summed it up in two bold words: “She’s hot.” In order to take care of such a classy lady, Trainum would need some money. Not to worry, if he were ever to come face to face with a genie, his second wish would be for enough money so that he would not have to worry about his cash supply, adjusted for inflation of course. His first wish would be to live forever.

With money, a girl, and immortality, what else could a man need? Well Trainum made it clear that if he ever had a superpower he would choose the ability to time travel.

“I would choose time travel because that is kind of like the ultimate superpower. You don’t need any other superpowers besides that one. It’s basically invincibility but also has practical uses  for every day to day.”

With all of these great qualities one would think that John Trainum never gets embarrassed. The bad news is: he has been embarrassed in the past. One of his most embarrassing moments came when he was trying to parallel park at Lee Heights shopping center and he messed up over and over. The worst part was that his friends were in the car and people on the side of the street were watching him.


By John Trainum

Sentry Staff Reporter

He’s sports editor for The Yorktown Sentry, is a part of the Volunteer Emergency Support Team (VEST club) as well as Latin Honors Society, and he’s considering pursuing engineering and physics later on in life. Dylan Bailey is starting off his senior year, and he’s definitely an interesting guy, but enough of that David Copperfield crap.

Obviously, considering that he is the editor for the section, Bailey is most involved with covering sports, football being his favorite to write about.

“You get a lot of good interviews from some of those guys, and it’s the biggest sport around Yorktown: everyone goes to the games” said Bailey.

Pretty tough to argue with that, there are unquestionably some interesting characters on that team. As far as all things school related, Bailey considers himself a math and science guy, and he’s participated in some really awesome activities within our school. After graduating this June, Bailey will be off to college, hopefully studying what he’s most passionate about. He wants to stay somewhat close by, ideally The University of Virginia or Duke. Given his solid preference in schools, it shouldn’t be too surprising that he decided on The Dark Knight as his all time favorite movie. His reasoning was Heath Ledger’s acting (who doesn’t love that performance??), “the deep moral stuff” and… explosions, of course. Coming in at number four on the Internet Movie Database, it’s pretty clear that Bailey has got a good taste in movies.

In order to get across what type of guy he is, Bailey answered a hypothetical question: if you could spend one day in the life of anyone in history (or alive today), who would you choose?

His answer? None other than Benjamin Franklin. “Number one: he’s the father of our country… but he’s also really smooth with the ladies, so I get the ladies too” said Bailey, “not to mention he’s on the hundred dollar bill. So I got women, money, and the father of our country.”

Not a bad answer at all, and fitting for such an intelligent fellow. Unfortunately though, given that he will be graduating come June, this will be Yorktown’s last year with Dylan Bailey. And so it is in everyone’s best interest to get to know him while it lasts!



Photo by Libby Boda

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