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Ian Hardman-Topher Wagner

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By Ian Hardman

Sentry Staff Editor

I think I just found my new best friend and his name rhymes with gopher. While he does not possess a particular affinity for these terrestrial bound beasts, sophomore Topher Wagner shares their passion for speed. Quick on his feet at cross-country and dedicated to his education, Wagner is the prime example of a student athlete.

While all of that is fine and dandy there is something very secret about Wagner. Rather than bore you I would like to share some verses that uncover the truth about Topher Wagner.

And through the doorway came a figure,

Stature small and awfully limber.

But stopped by height the boy was not,

For in his mind he formed a plot.

So at night he dawned a cape,

And waited till mom was not awake.

He grabbed the keys to his stealthy roadster,

Pulled down his mask. He was The Gopher.

At five foot four his stride was short,

But he kicked bad guy ass for sport.

The city’s alleys he patrolled,

With fists of brawn and heart of gold.

When his AP World work was done,

Each night he’d fight crime for fun.

No crook to sly, no gang to strong,

The Gopher taught them right from wrong.

But there was one foe that had him bemused.

Each time they fought, they both left bruised.

In the streets, his engine running,

The Gopher searched for Jackson Cummings.

Diabolical was this Jackson guy.

His schemes made everything go awry.

Throughout the night he stole and injured,

So The Gopher set out to catch this sinner.

He heard of some mischief near the docks

He turned his keys and holstered his Glock.

He parked his car in the shipyard’s driveway,

And saw that Jackson had built a Death Ray

Trained by his father to spring into action,

He used a gopher bomb to create a distraction.

As smoke filled up his enemy’s lair

The Gopher, for a fight, prepared.

Fists flew by and kicks were made,

With each blow their energy did fade.

Finally The Gopher got him unconscious,

Pulling out his gun, the scene was ominous.

But In his heart he was no killer,

So differently I will end this thriller.

The Gopher put Jackson into his car

The villain soon would be behind bars.


By Topher Wagner

Sentry Staff Reporter

Every year, a senior class comes and goes at Yorktown, and while the memories of each class fade, they are never forgotten. We will remember all of our seniors, including the editor, the teacher, the runner, Ian Hardman. For the last four years, Hardman has been a huge part of our community. He has played such a big role in sports; running with cross country in the fall and co-captaining the varsity crew team through the winter and the spring. With all of these accomplishments in sports, it is hard to say that Hardman might contribute even more to the Arlington society than the sports community. Hardman helps with an organization called People Animals Love.

PAL is “a volunteer organization where people who have dogs who are certified therapeutic animals help to do things like take their dog to the libraries so kids can read to the dogs…so they get a little less nervous than if they were reading to a person.”

PAL also brings dogs to elderly homes to give people living there the opportunity to play with animals.

During the school year, Hardman’s participation has broadened even more inside of school, as a member of The Yorktown Sentry for three years, first as a photographer, then photo editor, and as head editor. Journalism is not just a class, but a greater part of his high school experience.

“Every day being in journalism class is like a great memory, we have so much fun and its basically my family,” said Hardman. Many of Hardman’s close friends are from journalism, who spend time  “hanging outside of school and Sentry bonding…bonfires and hangouts with Sentry seniors.”

As a senior, Hardman is looking forward to the future with his senioritis having kicked in “december of his junior year.” Hardman plans on pursuing a field in philosophy. After high school his plan is to earn a PhD in philosophy. Hardman wants to study philosophy in order to earn his PhD to write or teach later in life.

Hardman also “really wants to do the Philly Cheesesteak Challenge…with all of the Sentry seniors doing that together one day” said Hardman.

Every senior has a story and something to add to the outside world. As this year of high school starts, we will remember all of our seniors and the mark that they have left at this great school.



Photo by Libby Boda

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