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By Sophie Currie

Sentry Staff Reporter

As the year comes to a close, many students begin to turn their attention towards final exams. The looming prospect of these exams sends many students into a panic. High school students need to take a deep breath and follow these simple tips to help improve their exam experience.

The first and most important thing to do when studying for exams is to start early. To make studying more efficient, work on time management. Taking it a little at a time and studying small amounts of information each night makes it is easier to retain the information. Procrastination does not help anybody, so avoid a cram session and allow for a sufficient amount of study time. Cramming it all in the night before will not help to learn anything new or allow for a good night’s rest before the day of the exam, which is key.

Another important tip for finals is to keep priorities in mind. Focus on the strengths and weaknesses regarding your classes. If one class is more difficult than the rest, prioritize studying for that class and devote more time to learning its material. A second way to prioritize your time is to see which finals will make or break the overall grade. Spend less time preparing for easier subjects and devote more to those that are more difficult. Do not overstudy and cause unnecessary stress.

It is important to know different teachers’ testing styles. Having spent the entire year being tested by the same teachers, it should be fairly easy to foresee what the exam will look like. By knowing these styles there is already some insight into how easy or difficult the final should be.

One of the most beneficial things a student can do to prepare for exams is to attend all review sessions offered by teachers. If there is a class you struggle in and the teacher is offering help, go! Even if people go just to listen, they will get more out of sitting in on the study session than not going at all. Going in for extra help can not do any harm, all it can do is help. Go that extra mile.

Finally, the most simple way for students to prepare for the upcoming finals is to ask questions. No one wants to be the only one who does not understand, and asking a teacher to explain is a simple fix. By asking questions early on, students will save themselves major confusion later. Go in after class to ask teachers questions, or even ask peers to explain. Asking questions will overall help improve study time and preparation for the exams ahead.

No matter how you plan on preparing for final exams, remember to relax. Follow these simple tips to easily help in boosting end of the year grades. Remember not to save everything for the last minute and when taking the exam do the best that you can.

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