Dear 2022: You’re Over. Here’s What’s Going with You.

Dear 2022: Youre Over. Heres Whats Going with You.

2022. The Year of the Tiger. The year of the Tortilla Slap Challenge and the Gilded Glamour Met Gala. Micro trends rose and fell, and Kim and Kanye got divorced. The year was filled with good and bad, and it became apparent that a few things shouldn’t be carried into the new year. 

The Royal Family

When Queen Elizabeth II died in September of 2022, the question arose: should the British royal family stop the pomp and circumstance and just become a normal family? No, they will continue to spend money on useless ceremonies and bore us with their useless lives. Then, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to make a documentary, write a book and do constant interviews revealing the secrets of their time in the royal family. There seems to be an endless list of grievances the couple has. At some point, they won’t have anything more to reveal, right? Or will we just live in a world with constant outcry from the exiled royals. King Charles, if you’re reading this, please go away; no one cares about your lives. 

Hot Girl Walks

Back in the olden days, or 2021, we went on walks. Plain and simple, walks were part of the daily routine during quarantine and were nothing more than a past time when there was nothing good happening in the news. But, in the summer of 2022, we all collectively decided to give them a name. Hot Girl Walks are nothing more than a regular walk, so what is the need for the name? Just go on a walk, it isn’t that hard.

The College Roommate Search

Scrolling through post after post. DMing the people you have similar interests with. Learning about their entire life before never speaking to them again 24 hours later. The college roommate search is not an enjoyable experience, even though it can be a crucial part of the freshman year experience. It’s easily avoidable by going random and allowing your university to pick your roommate for you, but if you are scared of rooming with a psychopath, just read former reporter Evelyn Lowen’s Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Perfect Roommate. Even though this traumatizing experience should be left in 2022, it can’t be, so, have fun seniors!

Josh’s Patagonia

2023 brought new merchandise to The Sentry. For sophomore Josh Bodenstein, our Instructional Technology Coordinator, the new merchandise meant a changing of the guards. No longer will he be seen in the halls sporting jeans and a gray Patagonia fleece; he will now be seen in jeans and a Sentry sweatshirt. His Patagonia will be dearly missed, but the entire class is excited for all the new readers we will gain with Josh’s constant advertisement. 

Crumbl Cookies

Listen, 2020 is over. Long over. While sitting in a parked car outside of Crumbl Cookies and reviewing the flavors of the week was fun at one point, it is not anymore. Instead of buying raw overpriced cookies that occasionally have a hair or two, support a locally run business with higher quality goods. Heidelberg Bakery and Pastries by Randolph are two great options, among the many others that Arlington offers. And to the Crumbl that is about to open in the Lee Harrison Shopping Center: don’t. We don’t want you.


Just go test optional.

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Carrie Finn is a senior and returning for her second year on staff. She is a reporter and loves to write in all sections. Outside of class, she is a captain of our school’s swim and dive team. In her free time she loves to cook, watch Gilmore Girls and travel with her family. She is looking forward to her last year on staff and working with everyone in the class.

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