A Guide To Tech Gifts For Even Your Least Techy Friends

A Guide To Tech Gifts For Even Your Least Techy Friends

It’s that time of the year again, and you need to get gifts for those who are in your life. If you have no idea what to get someone for the holidays, here are seven of the top tech gifts for under 50 dollars that everyone will love.

Wireless Mouse

Wireless mice allow you to increase your productivity on a laptop while minimizing hand pain. A mouse can be easily thrown into a bag, allowing you to bring it anywhere. This gift is great for anyone who wants to work or game on the go. While wireless mice require charging, they are much easier to transport and use day to day.

Charging brick and Cable

If your friend owns an iPhone, they probably know the slow charging speed and bad cable included with the phone. If someone in your life complains of those problems, a charging block and cable are great gifts. 

Wireless Charger

Along with being more convenient than plugging in a phone, wireless chargers allow your phone to charge in more positions, including standing up. It is important to note what phone the person you are buying it for has. Only iPhones 8 and up, along with most Androids made after 2016, support this feature. While this product is more convenient than a cable, its one downside is that you cannot move the phone while it is charging on the pad, making it slightly less versatile.

New Case

Your phone is the most important part of living in the modern world, so it’s a no-brainer that it should be protected with a high-quality case. Rugged cases, which are the most protective of the phone, often don’t look as good as the good-looking ones, but those don’t have the most protection, it’s essential to find a happy medium of visual quality over function,


For any absent-minded person who constantly loses their things, this product is great for them. An AirTag keeps track of your things and can play a loud beep if you can’t find something. If paired with an iPhone and close to the device, your phone can give step-by-step directions on how to reach the item, including direction, length away, and approximate height difference.

Portable Charger

If someone in your life always forgets to charge their phone or needs to charge when no outlets are around, a portable charger is a great gift for them. Along with being able to charge their phone, they can charge AirPods or any other headphones.

Bluetooth Speaker

Jamming out to music is a pastime of many individuals, and a portable speaker is a great way to share that music with others. While also being great to use at home, portable speakers really shine when out with friends. At The Yorktown Sentry, we use a portable speaker to listen to our favorite Spotify playlist every class.

While those tech gifts might be the perfect thing for your friend, the best gift anyone can receive is the gift of friendship. This holiday season, make sure to spend some time with friends and family, as that’ is what the holidays are really about. Happy Holidays!

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