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Score or Bore? Ranking World Cup Jerseys

Eric Johnson

The World Cup is played every four years between 32 soccer teams who compete to be the best team in the world. One of the best traditions is creating a home and away jersey. This year, the World Cup is being held in Qatar, where some team apparel may be more impressive than others.

#5 Worst: Qatar

The red color of the home uniforms was more like a maroon, which made them nice. The same could not be said about the away jerseys. They are white with a tan design on parts of it, which gives the shirts a dirty footprints effect, ruining the uniform’s appeal.

#4 Worst: Saudi Arabia

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The home jerseys are well-made with a light, leaf-like design on them. Unfortunately, the away uniforms have a design that gives off a grass-like effect. This was a nice attempt at making a shirt, but the final product fell short.

#3 Worst: Costa Rica

The away shirts are nice due to a blue strip on the otherwise white sleeves, changing a boring uniform into an interesting one. This touch on the away jerseys was the downfall of the home version. The blue strip is a strong contrast against the red, and it makes an unappealing final product. 

#2 Worst: Switzerland

In Switzerland’s case, the home shirt stood out, providing a bright red with some white touches. The away uniform, on the other hand, looks like it is one of those name tags that should say My Name Is…. This look takes away from the positives making it one of the least favorite.

#1 Worst: England

Their home uniforms were well designed to include an ombre blue fading to white. Unfortunately, their away shirts could not deliver the same nice design that the home ones did. Part of England’s away jersey includes a blue collar. With all due respect, you are playing soccer: not golf, no need to look proper doing it.

Obviously, with every bad jersey comes a couple well designed ones. This World Cup was filled with many similar uniforms but there were a few that stood out against the rest which were compiled into a list to create the top five best World Cup jerseys.

#5 Best: Cameroon

Their apparel has had a lot of mixed opinions among the fans. With the inclusion of the vest look, it differentiates Cameroon from the other teams. The vest type of style gives an extra detail to the uniform to set it aside from many of the others making it qualify to be in the top 5.

#4 Best: Croatia

In previous years, their uniforms have given off the effect of a red and white checkers board but this year, they have improved the design by changing the placement of the squares. The away jersey is liked by many for the fading sleeve effect it provides. The inclusion of it being blue has drawn attention to it from fans making the away uniform a favorite.

#3 Best: France

Due to their home jersey being just a simple dark blue, their away shirt has picked up substantial attention. It looks plain white from afar, but the jersey features a faint depiction of the Arc de Triomphe and scenes from the French Revolution. Showing the history of France has made this uniform a fan-favorite.

#2 Best: Ecuador

The away jersey became a fan-favorite because of the geometric patterns, which represent the former Inca Empire, who used to inhabit Ecuador. A detail that can be found is “Ecuador” printed out in six different languages, as well as the outline of the country with the numbers 0°0’0”. These numbers represent the latitudinal coordinates that run through the country, which makes this design loved by fans.

#1 Best: Germany

Finally, in first place, with the best jersey of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, is Germany. Their uniforms outshone the rest of the teams with the inclusion of different colors and designs. The little things like the placement of the team crest to the simplicity of the shirts still made it a fan favorite. This may not have been what drew fans attention though. The away jersey had gold on the sleeves and a maroon and black pattern. This was something new and different from everyone else’s uniforms making it liked by many. 

Among all the teams, there were some well made uniforms that put up a fight to be placed in the top five. Some countries were able to go above and beyond to create amazing jerseys for this World Cup. Choosing between the best and worst uniform was not an easy decision to make; the little things made a difference to the fans.


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