The Ins and Outs of Working as a Student

The Ins and Outs of Working as a Student

As students progress through high school, finding work is something that becomes more and more pressing with each passing year. Whether that means a summer job, working on the weekends or during the week after school, there are always a vast number of options for finding employment. Finding a job that fits your interests, hours and pay as a high school student can seem overwhelming. Thankfully, it’s easy to learn about options by hearing from those who have experience. 

A common first job to have as a high school student is often in the food industry. One of the easier fields to both find and apply for jobs, it is definitely an appealing option for teens. 

“I work at the Italian Store, and one of the main things I love there is making the food for customers. I have also had fun making friends with my new coworkers, and I work on the weekends so it doesn’t conflict too much with school,” junior Bryan Slattery said.

Although Slattery’s job checks both his boxes of interest and ideal hours, he does have one concern. 

“One thing I dislike is definitely the wage. I would like to work somewhere next with a bit better pay,” Slattery said. 

Another well-known position to start out your working career is as a camp counselor. Usually taking place over the summer, this can be great for those looking to make work a bit more fun. 

“Working as a camp counselor was a great experience, because I got a good understanding of leadership as well as being able to teach the kids about the sport I love, ” junior Keegan Westhoff said. 

Every job will require a slightly different skill set, and that’s important to factor into your job search as well. Thankfully, the diverse selection should allow any job seekers to align their strengths with their line of work. 

“It was definitely helpful to both love and play baseball when I was teaching the kids. I could give them better advice, and it was much easier for me to be interactive and upbeat since I was having a good time,” Westhoff said. 

Finding work at a younger age has never been easier. Having a job as a high school student can be a perfect way to both make some money to support yourself and your interests and begin to learn the ins and outs of the business world. Although it may seem like a daunting task to apply for work, it can teach basic responsibilities, such as time management and social skills, that are sure to help inside and outside the classroom.

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