Our Takeout Solutions to Your Dining Problems in the Era of Omicron

Elijah Dale, Sentry Reporter

Increasing rates of the Omicron variant are beginning to cause concern regarding indoor dining once again. Cooking complex meals such as chicken noodle soup, pasta and plain toast can be too daunting for many students and private food delivery, such as DoorDash, can be too expensive. This leaves us with our only option, our one savior: takeout. These are a Yorktown student’s best choices as we ride out this next stage of the pandemic. 

Super Chicken – Peruvian Food

Conveniently located three blocks from Falls Church’s W Broad Street, Super Chicken serves Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken that is easily the best in the area. The restaurant opened more than 40 years ago and is a classic in Falls Church. While their menu is not especially versatile, their french fries, beans, rice and rotisserie chicken, marinated for 24 hours and roasted with natural wood charcoal, are mouth-watering.

422 South Washington Street, Falls Church, VA 22046 // 703-538-5366

Arlington Kabob – Afghan Food

Arlington Kabob, located just three blocks up Langston Boulevard from the Lee Harrison Shopping Center, is Arlington’s best Afghan food. Their lamb and chicken kabobs are delicious, as are their gyros. Yet what sets the Halal place apart from Arlington’s other Afghan food is their near-heavenly Baklava. Made in a clay tandoor oven, their Naan is another of the restaurant’s many highlights, as is their free tea. The restaurant offers both curbside pickup and delivery.

5046 Langston Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22207 // (703) 531-1498

Bob & Ediths – Diner Food

Just next door is Arlington’s most halfheartedly decorated diner. Bob & Edith’s is a local chain open 24 hours on weekends. Reviews for Bob & Ediths are mixed. On one hand, the restaurant boasts an incredible French Toast, delicious bacon and delightful milkshakes. On the other hand, their ambiance is almost uncomfortable. Ambiance, however, is meaningless if your French Toast is boxed up and brought home. If you are craving diner food at 2 a.m. but do not want to risk catching Omicron, Bob & Edith’s is the perfect choice.

5050 Langston Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22207 // (703) 594-0280

Sloppy Mama’s – Barbeque

Another wonderful takeout spot near Yorktown is Sloppy Mama’s. The local Barbeque joint lures customers into their restaurant by the smell of their outdoor wood grill, the only one in the DC area, as possible patrons drive down Langston Boulevard. Sloppy Mama’s started as a food truck in 2014 and eventually settled into their Langston location in 2020. The eccentrically decorated building may not have the most wonderful atmosphere North Arlington’s Barbeque has to offer, but again, when it comes to takeout, ambiance is not a concern. Their prime brisket, ribs and cornbread will undoubtedly please. 

5731 Langston Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22207 // (703) 269-2718

Kao Sarn – Thai Food

Hidden within the Eden Center, the East Coast’s largest Asian-themed mall, Kao Sarn is Northern Virginia’s best Thai restaurant and one of the area’s best restaurants overall. Unlike the previous four installments of this list, Kao Sarn is beautifully decorated. The Thai comfort street food restaurant emulates a food truck and is rarely busy. Their Thai classics, such as Pad Thai, Chicken Satay and Pad Khi Mao drunken noodle, are all fantastic options, as are their lemongrass and Thai teas.

Eden Center, 6795 Wilson Blvd Unit 12, Falls Church, VA 22044 // (703) 992-7440