Yorktown Food Drive Competition

Yorktown Food Drive Competition

Aidan Lohmeyer, Sentry Staff Reporter

It is time for a little friendly competition! Our school’s Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) club and the Executive Board organized a contest between our school, Washington-Liberty High School and Wakefield High School. The contest was a food drive to see who could gather the most food in a few days. Our school’s overall objective was to collect 2,021 pounds of canned and other sealed food. 

“Our main goal is to help the food insecure families of Arlington, essentially the families that lack essential foods and are in need of food,” Nate Woods, senior and president of the AFAC club, said.

  The competition ended on the evening of November 19. The AFAC club is mainly targeted canned foods such as canned tuna, canned soup, coconut oil, peanut butter and canned vegetables. As delicious as they may be, the AFAC club asked volunteers to refrain from bringing cooked foods and dishes. 

After the competition concluded, the AFAC club transported the donated foods to one of the Arlington Food Assistance Center’s depositories.

“AFAC has warehouses that are essentially grocery stores where they distribute foods out to the people that need it,” Woods said.  

Students collected 900 pounds of food over the course of the competition.