Yorktown Sports Commitments


Sophie Sprinkel

Carly Lapierre (left) and Emily Stafford (right)

Eva Smith, Staff Reporter

Our school has a talented student body with numerous student-athletes already committed to playing sports in college. Our Patriots are going to be making an impact on the field this year and in the college sports world very soon. 

Five seniors have committed to schools for lacrosse. For men’s lacrosse, James Aldinger is committed to the Virginia Military Institute; Patrick Ferguson has decided on the United States Military Academy; and Alex Wilson is going to Stevenson University. For women’s lacrosse, we have two seniors commits. Ainsley Burke has committed to Colby College, and Carly LaPierre has decided on Denison University. Denison seems to be the perfect fit for LaPierre, offering balance between the college and athletic life. 

“It would allow me to be a good athlete and also have an academic and a social life, which I felt I would not have gotten at any other school,” LaPierre said. 

LaPierre is excited to play at a high level in college in the near future. 

“I’m looking forward to improving my lacrosse skills and just getting the ability to try to go to the NCAA finals,” LaPierre said. 

She is also looking forward to her high school lacrosse season this spring. LaPierre is ready to compete in her last season as a Patriot.

“I’m hoping we’ll go to States. We went to our first district final last year, so I’m hoping we’ll do that again. And I hope we’ll proceed past regionals,” LaPierre said. 

Moving onto soccer, our school has three senior commits. Tristan Kickbush decided on the University of Mary Washington for men’s soccer. Shay Montgomery has committed to the University of South Carolina. 

Additionally, we have two seniors who will be joining the Tribe at William and Mary. Nora Green-Orset will be playing women’s soccer, along with Caroline Burgeson who has committed for swimming. 

We also have two Patriots committed to schools for field hockey. Caroline Brickley, from the class of 2022, has committed to Franklin and Marshall College. Junior, Emily Stafford, decided on University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). Stafford not only picked UPenn for its athletics, but also its stellar academic programs, including the Wharton School, where Stafford wants to major in business. Though everything fell into place, Stafford’s recruitment process wasn’t always easy. 

“It was mainly challenging because I was trying to get recruited during COVID. It seemed like it was almost rushed because the recruitment last year got all messed up, so a lot of coaches were trying to make sure they had their team in case something else did happen,” Stafford said. 

Stafford is looking forward to starting at UPenn in 2023, and we are excited to see her thrive both academically and athletically at the collegiate level in the near future. 

“I’m just excited to play at a high level of competition, because I get to meet my teammates and become really close to them, like I’m really close with the girls here at Yorktown,” Stafford said. 

Senior, James Tallon, has decided on Duke University for baseball. Our school also has another future Blue Devil, Anna Macon Corcoran, who is going to be running for the cross country and track and field team. 

Our Patriots will be working hard on and off the field preparing for college this school year. The Sentry wishes everyone luck with their sports this season, and we are excited to see these athletes succeed in the future.