Natalie Zur and Andrea Henriquez


Natalie Zur and Andrea Henriquez, Sentry Staff Reporters

Junior Andrea Henriquez’s typical Tuesday would include going to school, feeding her Goldendoodle and hanging out with friends. She also loves to relax and watch Netflix––Orange is the New Black, and House of Cards are some of her favorites. If it were winter or spring, one could catch her rowing crew on the Potomac or practicing with swim team after school. Yet you would never find her on a diving board; Henriquez is terrified of heights.

If one were to text Henriquez, she would probably respond with either “omg” or “yeet.” She is also a part of #EmojiNation––she is big fan of the purple, smiling devil emoji and the wide-eyed, embarrassed emoji.

As a true Arlingtonian, she frequents Starbucks. Her go-to drink is a green tea frappuccino. She also supports the Wizards, and feels obliged to root for the Redskins, despite their less-than-stellar performance lately.

To put it bluntly, “They suck,” said Henriquez.

If you want to get away from top-40 repetitive music, hit up Henriquez for some new tunes. She is particularly fond of rap music, especially by Kanye West. Her top workout song is West’s “Don’t Tell Me Nothin’.”

Finally, and most importantly, on the topic of buns.

“Personally, I love man buns. They are pretty cute. I also like the combination of beards and man-buns. Cinnamon buns are also really good,” said Henriquez.

Note to any male hoping to have a chance with the one and only Andrea Henriquez: bake her cinnamon buns; grow a man bun.



This fall season, there is a good chance you will see field hockey co-captain Natalie Zur decked out in spiritwear on game days. Also captain of the Public Forum debate team, she has done much both in and out of school. If you asked her about her favorite summer memory, she would describe her week in a tropical storm in Dallas for debate nationals. If you asked what she was currently up to, she would tell you about her job at Trade Roots and her involvement in Model UN. If you wanted to know her favorite class, she’d say journalism.

There is much more to Natalie than just her academic interest.

She grew up with “two beagles who were really bad because they were never trained well…they ran all over the place, ripped stuff up and ate things they weren’t supposed to”, said Zur.

Today, she lives a gluten-free diet out of her own free will and has been doing so for a year. She explained that she chose the lifestyle to be healthier and because her mother is allergic to gluten. She describes herself as as loud, spontaneous, and a bit clumsy. Zur is more of a summer person than winter, despite the possibility of summer humidity. She would also rather have pancakes as opposed to waffles.

When asked if she prefered boxers of briefs (on guys) she said, “I guess whatever makes them comfortable, you know? Boxers seem really comfortable and if girls could wear them I probably would just because they’re not constricting.”

As a diehard Red Sox Fan, Zur would never be caught at a Yankees game. But you are likely to see her walking down the hall jamming to her favorite current song “What Do You Mean” by Bieber while rocking her 2013 Red Sox World Championship shirt.