Libby Boda-Claire DeCroix

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Libby Boda-Claire DeCroix

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By Libby Boda

Sentry Staff Editor

This summer, Claire DeCroix’s aunt and uncle put her on a tractor alone after teaching her how to accelerate, but not how to break… Luckily, she made it out alive and will be joining The Sentry staff as a photographer in the upcoming school year for a whole new adventure!

DeCroix is a sophomore who has previously spent her electives in French, Latin and Photo I.  This year she will be spending more time in photography while taking Newspaper and Photo II.  DeCroix especially likes taking pictures of nature.

“I like to take pictures in the middle of nowhere… I like landscapes or close ups of trees or flowers.”

DeCroix’s favorite subject in general is math, however, her freshman English class with Miss Wiedemann was what convinced her to apply for The Sentry staff.  She loved the energy and enthusiasm Miss Wiedemann had in her style of teaching and immediately knew she wanted to be on staff.

Not only did DeCroix almost die on a tractor this summer in Illinois while visiting family, she also spent time in San Francisco.  This trip has well prepared her for the upcoming year of photographer as she spent a week in California learning new skills behind the camera at a photography camp.  She is very excited to apply the new skills she learned to her work in class this year.

Outside of newspaper, DeCroix runs cross country, sings and acts.  She is super excited to be a member The Sentry staff and will be a great addition to the team!


By Claire DeCroix

Sentry Staff Photographer

When you travel around the world listening to Imagine Dragons, the last thing you expect is to meet a group a celebrities. While on vacation to Europe this summer senior Libby Boda watched the filming of Downton Abbey and then accidentally stumbled upon the actors and actresses themselves. “I watched Downton Abbey being filmed then I got to meet the cast because we just ran into them” said Boda. This happy accident, however, was not the first time she had met a famous actor; Leonardo Dicaprio once made a special visit to her neighbor’s house for the filming of J. Edgar. Although Boda has met many amazing people during her travels and at home, the one person she continues to look up to is her dad. “ I admire the way that he works so hard, and he always achieves his goals,” said Boda.

Boda took over the position of photo editor this year after being on staff last year as a photographer. Throughout middle school and high school, Boda has participated in many sports and clubs including soccer, cross-country, tennis, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Key Club and National Honor Society, which keep her very busy. She has always played soccer but did so more competitively in middle school and at the beginning of high school. More recently she has been running on the cross country team and playing on the tennis team. Boda has enjoyed her three years so far in high school and is looking forward to another year.


Photo by Isabelle Foley

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